Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am shy of the dating scene, I have been hurt so many times. I like TV games, camping rodeos. I was raised on a farm. I'm 50 and have shoulder length hair brown ,blue eyes. I live with my mom and my two sons who are 22 and 20. I smoke, don't drink and I do like humour, honesty and to become friends first before going any further.

And my name is Nadine, thank you, I am old fashioned, I like flowers, chocolates and just like to know people. i like to play on line free games on the computer , which i dont know much about , not working looking , if your interested in meeting with me . leave message . i just dont want to be left alone once my boys leave home and my mom is gone when she does again ty for being patient with me . i always take things serious if you say something that hurts i am very senstive honest and 1 man woman i dont cheat and date different guys if i like what i see i stick by my decission


duckrazzle said...

A bulletin board-type site to talk about bloggers!

It’s brand new – get it going the way you would like to see it! New topics at will, and forums by request are yours for the asking.

Blogs are a wonderful way for the blogger to express his or her viewpoint…but they don’t allow much feedback if you happen to disagree, or if you really agree and want to amplify on it. provides a clean slate for you to vent…praise…flame…whatever.

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support-2 said...

True, online dating isn't everyone's cup of tee. I guess you gott'a give it some time, hang around... try different networks and drop the ones you don't like.
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